Useful AutoCAD Commands

Edited version of ArchDaily Article

BACKGROUND:  Choose a background image for the work area. It can be a single color (Solid), a gradual color (Gradient) or an image (Image) from your computer.

BMPOUT:  Generates a bitmap image (.bmp format) after selecting a series of objects, surfaces, or regions.

BURST: Explodes a block or an object, but keeps its attributes intact after exploding it. Highly recommended.

CHSPACE: Moves objects from the layout to the model, and vice versa. The best part is that the objects are scaled automatically in the new space.

MLINE: Creates multiple parallel lines.

MLEDIT: Edit multiple parallel lines.

MULTIPLE: Repeats the next command until you cancel (Esc)

MSLTSCALE & PSLTSCALE: Disables/enables annotiation scale factor on polylines (Use when have linescale problems on layout).

MVSETUP: Sets up the layout of a drawing.

OOPS:  Restores the most recently deleted items. Its advantage over U is that you can use it after using BLOCK (or WBLOCK, export selected items to a new .DWG file), because those commands can delete selected objects after creating a block. Unfortunately, you can’t use OOPS after PURGE.

OVERKILL: Cleans up your drawings. It goes over your entire model and deletes any duplicate or overlapping items. An incredible help for those who are obsessed with order and clarity in planimetry.

PREVIEW:  Shows how the drawing will look when printed or sent to a plotter. Before you do this, you need to have configured the layout of the page (PAGESTEUP).

PURGE: Remove unused objects in the drawing you are working on, through a series of filters: blocks, layers, materials, thickness of lines, texts, among others.

QSELECT: Quickly select objects according to a list of available filters: colors, line type and layers, among others.

RECOVER: Recovers a damaged file.

RULESURF: Creates a surface that joins two curves previously defined by the user.

SAVEALL: Automatically saves all drawings you are working on.

SHOWMAT: Displays a set of information for a selected object, including line thickness, color, dimensions, radius, and area.

SKETCH: Create a series of freehand drawing segments.

SUBTRACT: Creates a region from a solid, surface, or region by subtraction.

TABLET: Calibrates and configures a tablet or Wacom.

TIME: Displays a statistics table of the file you are working on: creation date, last update, and edit time. If you’re interrupted, you can activate / deactivate the stopwatch.

U: The same as Ctrl + Z, undoes the most recent operation.

UNDEFINE: Deletes an AutoCAD command, even this one. If you want to reverse your decision, REDEFINE.

VPORTS: Manages AutoCad windows for 2D and 3D models.

XLINE: Creates an infinite line.