Cutout Objects in PSD

How to cut out objects/people by using Photoshop/Photopea?

  1. Take a photo of you or your friends / find a proper hi-res photo online.
  2. Open Photopea application.
  3. Import it into the application.
  4. Activate the Polygonal Lasso Select tool.
  5. Select the boundries of object what you want to cut out.

    You can use Backspace key on keyboard to rewind the last click.
    Double mouse click can finish the selection.
    You can use SPACE key to pan the screen while selecting the boundries.
  6. After finished selection activate REFINE SELECTION command under SELECT menu at the top.
  7. You will find a 2-Sided Window of command. While left-side shows the original photo, right-side shows the cropped selection.
    You can choose the backgroud by clicking on the options at the top-right buttons.
  8. And you can use brush tools to add/remove the areas you want by painting on the left-side. Moreover, you can change the brush options. by clicking on the top-left brush button.

  9. Repeat the painting until you get the best result. Then select the NEW LAYER option from the dropdown menu located at the top-right of the window. Then click on OK button.
  10. You will be redirected to the main menu of the application, which shows the cropped result as a new layer.
  11. Then use the CROP tool to modify the image size.
  12. After cropping the image, save the work as PNG file. Then upload to the system.